Preferable choice of the industry.

When the Industri needs power for their applications...

The need for solid support and delivery is the essence. This is where Energig comes in.
Energig is with you from the Design phase, prototypes, delivery, installation, test and after-sale service.
Energig is experts in supplying power where no power is present.

Full service Distributor of Power Products.

Value added distribution. Branch Favorite

Energig has almost 15.000 Part numbers, that all are related to supplying power for applications in a durable, secure and reliable manner.
All products are high-Quality products, 90% are well suited for Marine and Mobile use in harsh conditions.
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Delivery all over the World

Energig delivers products all over the world

Our Solutions are used all over the world and we supply solutions for almost all countries in the World.
Our main markets are Scandinavia and Europe
On some brands there are limitations, in which cases we will point you to the nearest dealer in your country.

Energig Power focus


Solutions for all kinds of power in mobile applications.
Service batteries, E-PTO hydraulics, pumps, lifts, cranes and electrical appliances.
Todays Power demand can’t be supplied from the engine battery


Special solutions that power everything from road signs, tele-masts, street lights, caravans, speed cameras or whatever your needs are, it can be equipped with a solution that is adapted to you and your needs.


For harsh Marine environment, the need is for reliable, long-lasting and powerful solutions.
Whether it’s for commercial shipping, Trawlers or recreational boats, it’s essential that the power solution can be trusted in all situations.


OffGrid Cabins or other OffGrid power stations, needs to be reliable and need a high supply security.
Powered by Wind, Solar, Fuelcells and/or backup generators. The job can be solved in a good maner.


Caravans and Autocampers need more and more power, but also needs to limit the weight and space used by the battery installation.
To be independent in all cases the system is rather complex today


Energig has a variety of products and brands. All are they carefully chosen to fulfil our high-quality demands and to be the best there is.
For Energig it’s a goal to have as little service as possible, simply because of our products has a very low failure rate.
On the other hand, we do supply a high level of support because having the best product also calls for using it to the optimum


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