Terms and conditions.

The following terms and conditions apply to all deliveries from Energig. Conditions apply in cases where there is no other written agreement between the buyer and Energig.


All prices are in Euro or Danish kroner incl. local VAT, unless otherwise indicated. Freight will be shown in the Cart and Check out.

Manuals and Support.

Included manuals can be designed as quick guides and PDF files
When you purchase a product from Energigs website, you agree that many of our manuals and user guides available in other languages than your own. You also agree that many of our products have English and/or German user/installation manuals only. English will always be available
If you wish further information or special support from Energig, than what is found on these pages, we would point you to the manufactors website for further information.
If that’s not enough there can be costs associated with this, paid by the buyer.

Delivery and transport.

Delivery of goods from Energigs shop is considered done when the goods are shipped by freight or shipped by mail from Energig or Energig’s supplier to the end customer. All deliveries, are delivered by a shipping company chosen by Energig, unless otherwise agreed separately between the buyer and Energig.
The goods are sent as soon as possible after receiving the order.
When paying by bank transfer the goods will be sent, when the transfer is registered to Energigs bank account. Delivery to the buyer’s address will normally be made within 1-7 working days with the exception of not bridged islands, where the likelihood of an extra day. Upon delivery to Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, it’s expected to take a few days longer. Enquiries about this can happen at Energig Contact form
Any stated delivery times are indicative and can be waived.

Shipping costs.

See the Automatically rating calculated in your cart/checkout. Size and weight determine the price.
If there is no price but only “Pick up at Energig stock” availible, you can contact us for further assistance.


We accept payment by credit card, VISA, MASTERCARD, American Express, PayPal or bank transfer. All card payments on the webshop are done electronically. Payment will first be raised from the specified account when the goods are sent from our warehouse or from our supplier warehouse. There cannot be charged higher amount than what the buyer has approved at the acquisition.

Payment methods Alternative.

When you choose to pay by credit card, we need your credit information. The amount will be reserved on your credit card before we send your package. The amount is debited only when it is shipped from our warehouse or our supplier’s warehouse.
Types of payment: Price in EUR or DKK
Creditcard: No charge (possibly fee for credit card handling adds in the checkout)
Bank Transfer: 4 EUR, 25 DKK, 35 NOK, 35 SEK


Any errors or defects in products delivered from Energig must be invoked as soon as possible after the discovery of the error. It is the buyer’s duty to describe and upon request, show how the error manifests. If the buyer discovers an error, the buyer must contact Energig or the dealer, if the product is bought from a dealer, a.s.a.p.
Buyer can generally only complain about defects that become apparent within 2 years (retail sales) – 1 year (corporate sales) – from the date of purchase. For products with limited expected lifetime as such. rechargeable batteries, the warranty is reduced to 6 months.
By any complaints or injuries, the goods should be returned in original packaging if in any way possible.
If the original packaging is missing, the product must be packed in strong packaging and protected by several layers of bubble wrap or similar. Neither Energig or shipping company will replace damaged products if the packaging is not sufficient.
Error or damage to the products caused by breach, misuse or improper/unauthorized installation of products is not covered by the guarantee or warranty. Troubleshooting in this regard will be made only by payment. Products to be repaired should always be delivered with adequate error description and a copy of the purchase receipt/warranty card. There can be imposed a fee for cleaning products, if this is causing the error or required for the repair of products.
If the repair of a product means costs for the customer, the service department at Energig will contact the customer with a quote for repair, before repairs are made.
Repairs are stored no longer than three months and will be scrapped/recycled after three months waiting for the customer.


Return the product in its original packaging (if possible). Please include the reason for the return.
When a product is returned to us, you as a customer pay the return postage.
If we have delivered the wrong product we are responsible for return postage and transfers the cheapest cost to the desired account.
Replacement deliveries are free.


If you wish to cancel the purchase and return the order, we will refund the full amount you paid, including original shipping costs, you have 14 days to notify us that you wish to return and another 14 days to return the item. Return postage will be by you. You also have to pay original shipping costs if you choose to send a part of the order back.

Even if you have had the goods out of the package and tried it/used it, you can cancel the purchase of the goods, within 14 days, however, you should be aware that used/tested products always will be assessed by our staff before setting a Refund. The amount will reflect any deterioration in the goods suffered in comparison to a regular testing in a physical store.

Returned items are shipped with a copy of the invoice to:

Energig Returns
Samsoevej 31
DK-8382 Hinnerup
Tel .: +45 70 500 999
Contact Form

Special Returns.

In the event that a special agreement determines that the products can be returned after 14 days, for a period (when it’s a business to business sale), the products must be returned in the original packaging intact and without a buyer attached alarm, price tags and the like. If this is not observed, the products will be credited at a reduced price. The cost of return paid by the buyer, unless otherwise agreed by e-mail.


Contracts (purchase orders/invoices) are made in English and kept by the company for 5 years, according to accounting law. If the buyer wants to get a new copy of the agreement log into you account and download the invoice. If the invoice is not to be found in “My Account” please send us a message

Privacy Policy.

Please see our privacy policy

All agreements concluded with:
Samsoevej 31
DK-8382 Hinnerup
Tel .: +45 70 500 999
Contact us here
VAT: DK36732113

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Do you need
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