BEP Marine

The products are designed to withstand some of the harshest and most extreme conditions on both sea and land. The company from New Zealand delivers products that you can rely on. It is as simple as that.


At Energig we offer you the full portfolio of BEP Marine products. BEP Marine is part of the NAVICO Group, that is renowned for its high-quality products for the marine industry. BEP Marine is the global leader in battery management, electrical components and power distribution.

BEP Marine offers you almost any solution for anything connected to a battery whether it is a battery management system, connectors, insulators or circuit protection. You can also get your own power distribution panel that can control everything on your vessel, truck or any other off-grid electrical system, that you need to be in control of.

As a consumer you very quickly find out that the quality products from BEP Marine are very hard to do without especially in an off-grid environment, where the alternatives are not ready at hand. This is why BEP Marine is very widely used all over the world. The products are made to last at harsh conditions at sea, which makes them equally as tough on land.

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BEP Marine equals safety

Safety first! The New Zealand-company offers various solutions in terms of security. Tank senders, Gas Detectors and AC & DC System Monitors are among the products, that you can rely on from BEP Marine. There are multiple possibilities within the different areas, where you can get all the information you need in order to make the right choices.

As always, the quality is impeccable which gives the users the necessary sense of security when travelling off-grid. All parts from BEP Marine are included in their “Trusted Quality” 5-year warranty. You can also expect worldwide support, whether it’s technical support, installation questions or issues with the products.

Innovation at center at BEP Marine

BEP Marine continues to develop new solutions to keep up with the requirements of today’s technology and standards. The new Smart Battery Hub is an excellent example of that. A system that simplifies the control over multiple engines on your vessel. The easy to install system is designed to give you the best possible information about temperatures, voltage and fluid levels.

The Smart Battery Hub is a good example of what BEP Marine’s innovation and engineering is all about. Simplifying and optimizing the user experience is at the center of focus, and that is why the products from BEP Marine are so easy to handle despite the complexity of what they offer.

Stay tuned here at Energig to see all the latest developments and new products, that BEP Marine is putting out on the market.

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Do you need
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