Let’s blog about off grid energy and related stuff.

At Energig we want to share all the knowledge we have. Therefore we have created a blog, on which we will feature everything related to renewable energy and focusing mostly on offgrid. You can read about and discuss everything within renewable energy.

Energig blog is divided into categories on the right and we  posts on a regular basis and you are welcome, as both post’s author and to leave a comment.
You can log in using a login from Facebook, Linkedin or the like and move on immediately. 🙂

We like to keep the Energig blog open and free and we aim a sober tone, although it is allowed to disagree.
Basically, we would like to have only one rule on the blog: “You must behave properly”
Energig reserves the right to intervene in any way it may be found necessary and decide what is within the one rule and what is not. Yes, it seems a little patronizing, but we will also behave properly;)

The blog is owned and operated by Energig. It may shine through in some of our posts, but will not affect them as being made by you and others, but unless you fall for the “You must behave properly” rule.

Enjoy 🙂
Simon B Christoffersen
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