But is climate policy not straightforward?

But is climate policy not straightforward?

Why do changing governments disagree on climate policy?

If we put things a simplistic view and choose to be detail ignorants, then I don’t think it’s that hard.

Everyone agrees more or less:

  •     We have a massive non-sustainable consumption of fossil energy, which must be reduced to close to zero, Worldwide!
  •     Denmark has …. had one of the world’s most green-based energy consumptions.
  •     The Danish Greentech industry is a world leader in many areas.
  •     Greentech is in rapid development all over the world and the Danish lead is not guaranteed at all!

When I read newspapers, for the time being, I see the new Lars Løkke government cut back on green grants in a row (currently primarily energy research and heat pump conversion), they sometimes call it “reprioritization” ….. So the net ends with the fact that fewer Euros are sent to the green area.
This happens at a time when the climate is crying for help, not to overthrow the human being’s foundation.
While the Government will cut subsidies for the green sector, studies show that there is both export and employment in the green sector. It doesn’t make sense for me to cut when the investment also gives a positive financial return.

Green energy exports account for 7% of total Danish exports (2014) and Denmark is the only EU country that has more Greentech energy exports than “Black” tech exports.
So we can something in DK that others will buy and the whole world is forced to invest in Greentech, massively, in the coming 10-20-30 years and we must make sure that it can be even bigger for Denmark!
I think the logic is very easy to see.

Instead of cutting into e.g. energy research, why not make part of the pool depending on whether the industry comes with an amount of the same size?
I am absolutely convinced that the Greentech industry (and the part of “Black” tech that wants to change) is consolidated enough to support energy research. But as a country, we cannot say that “the industry itself must finance” because industries are made in a way, that there are many factors that influent where they are located on the world map and subsidies help their economy and economy is what is most important for industries. Industries are not like politicians bound by national borders. Again, the logic is simple.

And do not treat the area as a climate policy battlefield! Dear politicians. Raise yourself up and make some effective and visionary agreements across the political middle and leave them to work for years, without pissing off political territories every time government/minister changes. We need a long-term vision and a vision that is even much more ambitious than we have seen so far.
Yes, Denmark has been the international prefect for many years. Do you think our big Greentech industry has something to do with it? .. Let us continue to be the prefect and spend money on Greentech, because the rest have discovered that we did the right thing and they are coming quickly from behind, so if you lower the visions on Denmark down, then we are all being run over… fast!

I totally agree that without political support the last 30-40 years, we had not reached as far as we actually achieved, but there is no reason to rest on the laurels, and that is what you do when you will cut back on support for Denmark’s largest export growth opportunity.
So get together and extend the amazing effort that has brought us here and make Denmark even more market-leading than we are. The industry, the people and the environment would like to do this! It’s you that are of step with reality!

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