Energig Cases

The Climate Cottage in Sisimiut, Greenland

The Climate Cottage MBI was an idea that took shape in 2016 and has since been realized in a joint venture by Energig and MBI Innovation - merging entrepreneurship with green transition technology. [...]

Off-grid power for underwater cameras

Biological Institute at the University of Southern Denmark has established underwater cameras that transmit live video from the sunken wreck of the Ferry M/F Ærøsund. In order to power cameras, transmitters and lighting, a [...]

Mastervolt on board “Emma”

Boris Valentin wanted a setup that he could rely on, no matter what situation he might end up in. "When the waves get high and the storm is tearing in the rig, you need [...]

Solar on 6 Scania Trucks

Energig has supplied PV to many trucks. In early spring of 2017, Scania Stiholt in Thisted mounted solar from Energig on 6 Trucks for Haulier Frank Nørager . The Trucks are used to transport [...]