Does PV pay back and does Solar iBoost make a difference?

Are solar panels worth it? or more correctly, can we get more out of the photovoltaic installation?

The answer to is both, a clear YES!

With a Solar iBoost installation you can get your current or future solar installation to be even better.

The function is as simple as …

…it is smart. Solar iBoost measures whether you export solar electricity to the grid and when you produce more than you consume
, Solar iBoost turns on and sends your surplus energy into your hot water tank or to another resistant load. Simple and effective.

Want to save money?

Solar iBoost raises your inhouse consumption significantly, by that your saving money. Most places you don’t get paid the same amount of money for the power you export, as you have to pay for the power you import. Often, you’ll even switch off your boiler in the summer time.

Regardless how you look at it, Solar iBoost is often a good investment for most solar instalations.
And in addition you can say to your take baths in water that is CO2 neutral. You decide what that’s worth :o)

The System has succeeded big time in the UK, where it already is installed in over 40,000 times. Now is here for the rest of Europe. The success has been so great that it is only now that production has come up so much that we can deliver to Europe.
In UK virtually no solar system is sold without a Solar iBoost today.

Solar iBoost can be purchased on this site.

Does solar pay back and will Solar iBoost make it better?What do you need to utilize with Solar iBoost

You will need:
* A photovoltaic system that produces surplus electricity that you sell to the grid.
* A hot water tank that either has, or can have retrofitted, an immersion heater including a thermostat.

Above you can see an illustration of how the system works.

Below you can see a video with an independent review of the systemt.
Take notice of that the UK, has a different billing model than the rest of Europe and therefore you have to know your local regulations.

This is a much cheaper way to use your own power than with a battery solution, that is both large, expensive and it remains an upcomming technology to be developed more.
We will see more to the Batteries in the future! But they are too expensive and yet compared to Solar iBoost’en not economic.
You might even have batteries in your PV system and there will in most cases still be surplus power that Solar iBoost, then sends into your hot water.

The installation of Solar iBoost is simple, but you must remember that it is a high voltage installation and therefore should be performed only by authorized personnel.
Here you can see a video from the UK, where you can watch the procedure on an English installation.

So is solar panels worth it? Yes definitely and with Solar iBoost it’ss even better economical and you are using more of your own renewable energy.

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