Solar panels and wind charger on the boat and offshore.

Do you own a sailboat, a motor boat or do you have another offshore installation? Buoys, Markings, Docks etc., then you know the challenge of not being connected to the grid. Even if you are not connected to the grid, you still need power for communications equipment, lighting, pumps and other equipment which is nice if not downright necessary to have up and running, all the time.
Here you can read more about that challange.

Power in the boat and offshore.

To solve the electricity supply you must use some proven, rugged equipment that has proven its worth over many years and already are running in very large unit numbers worldwide. There is no shortcut to a quick fix, you need to do it properly!
You must be sure that the equipment you mount is marine approved to withstand the marine environment.
The installation must be rock solid for the same reason and in stainless steel (316 steel).
And then you should be sure that it is an installation, you (and your family) likes the design of.

There are many solutions that can give you power, but it is important to keep in mind that the solution you choose has proven:

  • Its durability through many years of beatings from the sea.
  • Resistance to water, salt, sun, wind, engine vibrations and wave impacts.
  • The ability to produce the amount of power needed + a little more (it’s better to have a model to big than too small!)
  • Easy access to parts all over the world or at least in the area you are using the equipment, if an accident should happen.
  • Access to professional assistance before, during and after you make vour choice.

Here at you can find not only the solutions that have passed our quality check, but also knowledge of everything. From the thought you have before a purchase, instructions for configuring and mounting, troubleshooting and our Blog.
On the blog we write about the things that we encounter on our way, so you can navigate safely through your choice, your purchase, your installation and be glad that you selected the solution that you did.

You can on this page select exactly the area that interests you most, whether you will have solar panels or a wind charger on the boat. You can also read about the benefits of combining solar panels and a wind generator on the boat. This provides a more secure energy supply throughout the year and throughout the day.

Where can I find more info?

If it is a wind generator for the boat there is more here. Solar panels for the boat is here and here if you want both solar and wind on the boat or offshore

If you know what you need, you can look at and order products from down below. 

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