Solar panels and wind generator in combination on a boat

Solar panels and wind charger in combination on the boat, is a solution that is for the sailors who will avoid to start the engine and enjoy lying at anchor. Solar panels and wind generator in combination, produce a large output to your batteries and do so in different weather conditions. Wind and sun comes and goes, but often do they not go hand in hand. So when the sun is shining from a cloudless sky, the wind is often not particularly strong and conversely, when there is plenty of wind there is often many clouds.
Therefore we would recommend that …

… instead of finding a lot of space on the boat, to a large area of solar cells, so find a smaller area and install a wind generator as well.

The wind generator is superior solar cells at night and in cloudy weather. The solar cells are hard to beat mid-day in the hot sun. In fact, the wind generator produce extra efficient at night when the temperature drops. The reason is that air molecules are closer together when it’s cold.
Solar panels and wind generator in combination on a boat
The security of always having power is therefore higher in a combined system than in a system with one wind generator or just solar panels.
When you on a long trip lies in mother natures beautiful surroundings, it’s just nice to avoid the noise and diesel smoke from an engine, that is only switched on to charge the battery.
The amount of power from a combined system is significant and therefore you must remember to have a large battery bank as well

We have made some overviews that will bring you closer to your solution:

We have made a series of solar panels and wind charger packages for the boat, but remember that they can be changed in almost exactly the way you want it. These packages cover most, but not all.

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  • Rutland 1200

    Large wind turbine and solar bundle for large boats

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