Solar installation on your boat

Installation of solar panels on a boat can be both an easy and a little more complicated job. But with a proper preparation it’s a lot easier.

Here will I review the different physical mounting ways. on this link you will find the electrical installation of solar panels, wich is the same, regardless of the choice of solar panels.

There is a difference between whether you need …

… framed glass panels for mounting on a rack, semi flexible solar panels that can lie on the deck or “flip out” model that can be packed in and out as needed or fastened to the Bimini.
Then there is also a super flexible solar panel for the smaller jobs.
All our solar panels are marine approved. That does not mean that they are equal or should be used in the same way. But the sea and the environment is not a problem.

Framed solar panels

  • Framed glass panels are usually mounted to an aft frame of stainless steel or on the rail. The framed solar panels are not as hardy and robust as the semi-flexible and must therefore be located in a place where they are not in the way and where you do not have too much activity around. Although we have chosen the toughest framed solar panels we could find, they do still have a glass surface and can not resist to objects or people passing and hitting into the panel. A certain pressure they can handle, but there are limits.
  • The installation of the solar panels can be quite a job if you need to build a rack that fits your boat. But they will be out of the way, once they are hanging on the rack.
  • We have Alpex, SpectraLeisure and Ameresco as fixed framed solar panels.
    •  With Alpex you get a quality panel for a really good price. You must do the installation yourself, as there is no standardized mounting solution for them. But it’s not as difficult as it sounds 🙂
    • Spectra Leisure is developed for caravans and comes with brackets for mounting on a flat surface (screws or glue). Spectra Leisure is also the panel, that have had most attention to the design.
    • Ameresco has had a glorious career at sea. They were formerly known as “BP Solar” and is the top product in framed glass panels for offshore use.

Semi-flexible solar panels

  • Semi-flexible solar panels are able to withstand a great deal. They can even withstand walking on them (with soft shoes and barefoot, no clogs and stilettos!).
  • Solar installation on your boatThey are in most cases with Cable outlet on the top side. There is a risk of beating the foot against the small connection box and either hurt your toes or kick the box of the solar panel when a day something has to be done fast. Therefore, we also have SunWare series 40, which has cable outlet on the back and gives a completely smooth and clean deck.
  • They are thin (4mm) and is a continuation of the deck without anyone really noticing them. The solar panels may bend up to 3 cm per linear meter (3%) and can therefore follow most ship’s deck.
  • The solar panels can be either glued or screwed into the substrate. However, there must be room for the small connection box, if you have chosen backward led cable.
    • SunWare Series 20. SunWare is a super high quality product, produced in Germany. Series 20 has outlets on the front.
    • SunWare Series 40. Has the same range as Series 20, but with the cable outlet at the back. Therefore, you should pay attention to a bit more mounting. In return you get the finest solar panel of all!
    • SpectraLite are panels like SunWare Series 20, with slightly fewer watts, made in blue color and at a lower price.

Textile and super flexible solar panels

  • Textile solar panels. Solar panels for mounting on top of the bimini (SunWare TX series), or to stove when you need to proceed your journey. These panels are SunWare panels mounted on a textile base that can be hooked up and secured with Tenna couplings, for example. on the bimini. Includes connectors for quick connection and disconnection. The installation could not be easier or more flexible.
  • Solar installation on your boatSuper Flexible solar panels. SpectraFlex is a super flexible solar panel and can be rolled up, down to a diameter of only 30 cm. The panel can be twisted and turned in all directions and placed or hung just about anywhere suitable.

There are not really any mounting instructions to give. just lay it out or hang it up and plug it in

If you have questions on the installation of solar panels on a boat, find the manuals in our support/download section.

Feel free to write to us at Kontaktformularen or phone us. 

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