Solar on a Boat
When you want independence from engine noise/pollution and shore power, solar may be your solution.
Solar on boats are very common today and, together with wind chargers, the best renewable energy source available. There is no noise at all and they just need light to produce power for your batteries and in full sunshine, they provide a lot of power.
With an installation of solar panels on your boat, you are able to …

…anchor a long time in the summer. Most often without having to start the engine to keep the battery charged. In winter, the solar cells keep your battery charged and  maintained while waiting for the new season (no consumption in winter times).
Are you away from the boat for a month or two you don’t have to worry if there is power to start the engine and your little ventilation fan has been running as it should. The solar have provided power unnoticed.

Beautiful solar panels is something that usually does not cause problems in getting approved from the family, they can be a piece of design in itself, when they lay on the deck.
The solar panels that can be mounted on the deck, are so robust that you can walk on them in soft sneakers and all of our solar panels are marine approved and can withstand the roughness of the sea  and salts vicious behaviour.

Solar is setup and they maintain themselves for many years. There is no real maintenance to take care of and your main tasks is to enjoy your sundowner … Cooled course! 🙂

You can find more about the practicality of installing solar panels on the boat here:

Sizing the solar panels for the boat
Installation of solar panels
Solar cells and wind on the boat

If you have questions, we are ready at Kontaktformularen to answer your questions. You are also welcome to call us.

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