Wind charger mounted on a boat

Mounting a wind charger on a boat, are most often made furthest aft and typically on a tube/pole mounted on the sea rail. It’s also sometimes seen, mounted in the mast, but it has some drawbacks.

Marine mounting kit for a wind charger aft.

The easiest and by far the most common way, is to buy a solution with your wind charger (wind charger and pole must match!). When you buy a Rutland wind charger from Energig, you always get offered a pole solution that fits your wind charger.
The mounting solution is attach to the …

… deck with a supplied bracket and the two joined pole parts (we do have a 3 meter pole in one piece) mounted on top and secured to the sea rail with stays (stays for wind charger pole is purchased separately). The pole should be in the sea rail corner, in order to obtain the best support of the stays.
The top of pole are prepared for the wind charger and cables are routed inside the pole.
We have 4 marine solutions for various mills:

Mounting on rack with solar panels aft.

Wind charger mounted on a boatIf you have a rack for your solar panels aft. it is a good idea to put your wind charger on the same rack.
Since there are as many solar racks, as there are both, it is impossible for us to make a standard solution that fits all.
What we have done is that we have ready-made stainless steel pipes that are ready to mount the wind charger on at one end and the other end you need to find a good place to get fixed. Remember that the wind charger must be able to freely rotate 360 degrees around.
These pipes are available:

Installation of the wind charger in the mast

You can also install the wind charger in the mast. We would not recommend it because it can be difficult to maintain. you may need to tie the wings in a heavy storm or in severe weather rakes its mounting loose and suddenly hangs and is a danger to crew and ship.
Therefore we have decided not to sell a solution for wind charger installation in the mast.

Here is an overview of the solutions you can get from Energig: 

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