Wind charger for boats
When you want a wind charger for your boat, it might be because you want to be more independent when you lie at anchor and still wants to have enough power for all your gear, without shore power, diesel smoke and noise from the engine.
And a wind charger for the boat is often the right choice. If you sail on a sailboat powered by the wind, why not let the wind deliver your power too?

Is a wind charger noisy?
Saying that a wind charger is …

… completely without sound, would be wrong. In strong wind you can hear the turbine, if you listens for it, but Rutlands very quite wind chargers, we can not measure any noise at all. The reason is that the sound coming from the turbine, cannot be separated by the measuring devices from the background noise, that comes from the wind itself. The human ear can separate well and select what is coming from the turbine. But is it noise? or is it background sound? That you have to decide for yourself 🙂
We have an intention to deliver the quietest wind charger on the market and therefore we have chosen Rutland. They are all designed and tested in a wind tunnel, in order to minimize the noise (and optimize performance, etc.).
Then wind chargers are installed beside the competitors’ gear and engineers do not stop until their own ears, can say that Rutland are the quietest.
It’s important to buy a wind charger that’s not noisy, for your own sleep and good neighbourliness in the marina.
There are some grim stories about the noise from wind chargers, but not on Rutland wind chargers, because they ARE silent, by today’s standard.

Robust wind chargers
A wind charger for a boat are exposed to huge forces, which a wind charger on land will not suffer. Not just because of salt water that likes to corrode the material, but also due to sometimes strong winds and the gyro effect when the boat moves in the sea. Therefore, a wind charger for marine use must be significantly more solid built than the onshore cousin. It has been seen and is being seen increasingly that there is being sold poor quality marine wind chargers. This leaves you with a wind charger that die out after a few years and that usually happens the first day of the summer expedition (Murphy’s law) 🙁
Therefore, you must ensure a wind charger which has many years of good reputation as being duarble over a long time span.
In the same place it must be a wind charger that you can get serviced in Sweden, Germany or the Caribbean, if an accident should finally there.
All this can be supplyed Rutland.

Power from the wind charger
The whole purpose of mounting a wind charger is to get power for consumption on board. Therefore, you must start calculating a bit on what the amount of power need is. We have made a guide for sizing the off grid installations and you can start by following that. If it becomes to geeky, we are ready to help you out.
It’s a little bit with wind charger in the port as with cars in the driveway. There will be some kicking tires and compared specs. that’s all good, but you must not fall into the trap that many fall into, namely to choose wind charger from the output specs alone. It’s better to opt out from the noise level, solidity and design. Once you have found the brand which meets the requirements and the first model you looked at can’t supply enough power …. Go up a model or in extreme cases, you can also install two. Your neighbour gives more attention to your wind chargers noise level and ugliness, than if it produces 5% more or less output than the others in the marina. That will be the same for you. Show off power specs is good for 2 weeks, but you have to listen to, look at and maintain your wind charger for many years to come….
On days with only small winds, you must have enough power in the battery bank. If you have a larger need of power, it may be a good idea to combine Wind charger with solar panels.

You can read more about Rutland wind chargers and see the list below. 

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    Medium Windcharger bundle for boats

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