Activesol PV panels
The PV panels from Activesol is produced in Poland on a high-tech factory. Activesol are doing both flexible PV panels for Off Grid installations and PV panels will be used for Grid tied solutions on roofs and racks.

Applicable to all Activesol PV panels is that they are …

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… of a high quality and yet very competitive on price.

You always get a good solution for a good price with Activesol.
Glass framed PV panels from Activesol (On Grid).
Activesol doing some really good solutions to mount on roofs and racks. You would think that there are not so many demands to a PV panel, that just need to lie still on a roof for 25 years, but there are a lot of things to be in order and here Activesol stands out with keeping a high quality and a long durability.

The PV panels That Energig has on stock is primarily of the monocrystalline kind. The monocrystalline PV panels produce a bit more than the polycrystalline PV panels per covered square meters. But we do not think that’s why they Monocrystalline PV panels selling better than Poly. We think more it comes to appearance.

Monocrystalline PV panels are very dark blue in color and for the human eye it’s practically black while polycrystalline PV panels are typically blue and blue-ish.

When we combine the black Monocrystalline PV panels with a black frame and black mounting rails, then most people will think that it’s the nicest to look at on a roof or a field rack (but it’s always an individual decision 🙂 ). And our experience is that it has a larger WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).
PV panel development
PV panels has developed rapidly in recent years and therefore the models are being replaced relatively often on the market. With Activesol we can keep data of the frames and the way in which the PV panel is built on, for a long period. Then it’s “only” the new and better cells that is replaced with new technology.
This is good for the durability and quality of the panels. Then the same panels typically have a higher wattage number 1-2-3 times a year, when the price will also be adjusted accordingly.
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Before you choose your PV for your roof/rack, we recommend that you read our guides to the PV panels on the roof or Rack, or write/call and have a chat with us.
Flexible PV panels from Activesol (Off Grid).
If you need flexible PV panels for your boat, caravan or another place where the backing surface is curved, or where you need to be able to step on the PV panels. Then you should have a look at Activesol Flex series.

Activesol are in the same group of PV panels as SunWare (Series 20 and Series 40) and SpectraLite. In this class is SunWare figure to be the absolute top quality on the market, while Activesol gives you very much the quality, but at a somewhat lower price.
Two series: Activesol Ultra and Activesol Light.
There are two series from Activesol used depending on how hardy you need to your PV panels to be:
Activesol Ultra
Ultra series is the toughest PV panel. It is also the PV panel to use for comparison with SunWare.

The panel is made of very tough material and is optimized for that sunlight can penetrate from several angles. The surface is also slip protective, so you can stand in wet and windy weather.

Ultra can be mounted on canvas (bimini, Canopy, tent).

Ultra has extended warranty of 5 years.
Activesol Light.
Unlike Ultra, Light is not as tough a PV panel. It tolerates salt, shaking and what else we can find to subject it to, but when it comes to pressure, it is Ultra you have to look at. Light tolerate you step on it in soft shoes during installation and you should slip later that will go too, but it’s not made for it and therefore if you should walk on your panels, then you must have Ultra.

Light is made of a softer and shinier surface than Ultra, Light has the standard UV protection, where Ultra is double UV protection. Light must be installed on a hard background and therefore cannot be used on bimini, canopy or tent canvas.

Light, for example. well suited to lie on the roof of a caravan, where you rarely have traffic and can walk around it. It is also suitable in a boat, where there is no traffic. On an aft. rack you will often use glass frammed PV panels because they are cheaper.
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Aktivesol Flex is not SunWare, but not everybody needs to drive Mercedes, but fine with a less expensive solution that performs fine for daily use.

So if you do not think you want to use/pay Mercedes, then Activesol is the right choice for you.

Activesol are developed and produced in Poland and be sure that they know how to do it!

PV production is subject to all EU quality standards and production rules.

Activesol factory is certified by:

PN-EN-ISO 9001: 2009

PN-EN ISO 14001: 2005

BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 [/ readmorebox]

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