Value for money solar from Alpex

Marine approved solar panels from Alpex is a good solar panel that produces year after year. Completly sillent and almost without maintenance. Alpex delivers a good power performance at a low price.

Alpex solar panels:

  • Strong frames in anodized aluminium, which is optimized for use on boats and offshore.
  • Used for both professional solar power plants and …
    …smaller systems for sailboats and off grid installations
  • Anti-reflective glass to maximize light penetration to the solar cells.
  • The glass is extra thick for better to resist shocks, hail and other external influences
  • Power tolerance of +/- 5%
  • All panels on or above 30 Watt is certified to deterioration from salt mist.
  • 10 year product warranty

Product details are as follows:

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Do you need a talk about offshore or off grid projects? Do you have questions regarding your installation on your boat, camper or off grid, please write to us at Kontaktformularen or call us. 

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