Ameresco framed 12V solar panels
Ameresco framed 12V solar panels is suitable for use on sailboats and offshore in general.
Ameresco Specs and Features
Ameresco is a proven technology, so you can be sure that the panels will work and last for many years to come
Highly resistant to …

…saltwater, abrasion, hail and other severe weather conditions. Suitable for use in any climate. include marine and offshore.

Guaranteed durability provides long-term reliable power solutions

90% Power output warranty over 12 years for solar panels more than 40W
80% Power output warranty over 25 years for solar panels more than 40W
Five-year warranty – free from defects in materials and workmanship
90% Output guarantee 12 years for solar panels less than 40W

Framed modules certified by TÜV Rheinland as safety class 11 (IEC 60364)
Solar connected in serial or parallel?
Solar solutions are very versatile. You can connect them in serial and/or parallel and increase the current (ampere) or voltage (Volt),

2 pcs. 12V panels in series becomes 24V, with the same amperage (amps)
2 pcs. in parallel continues to be 12V, but with double current (amps)

that way you can connect several panels together so that they fit your needs for voltage and curent.

We areare experienced expert staff at Energig. You will get professional expert guidance to help with sizing your boats solar system, so it will be done right the first time.

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  • Ameresco solar

    Ameresco solar are high quality Solar.

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  • U-bolts for Ameresco solar mounting bracket

    U-bolts for Ameresco solar mounting bracket

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  • Ameresco solar panel installation

    Ameresco solar panel installation

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