12V PV panels from SunWare for the boat

If you want to install solar on your deck or the bimini you will need SunWare! SunWare delivers the best 12 volt solar panels on the market. rugged and most robust 12/24 volt solar panels for boat and sail boat. Designed for use offshore.
All SunWare’s solar panels are designed, manufactured and tested in Germany and is subject to …

…the strictest quality test.

12V solar panels from SunWare for the boatSunWare have made solar panels for sailors since 1987 and knows what they’re doing. With German nose for care and discipline, they have perfected their solar panels to the highest level of greatness.

And now the facts :):

12V solar panels from SunWare for the boat

There are three series of solar cells from SunWare:

  • SunWare Serie 20. Is a Semi-flexible solar panel that can follow the deck curvature and simply be glued or screwed on the deck. Coming in many sizes and shapes, as can be seen in the table below.
  • SunWare Serie 40. Is the same series as Series 20, but with the cable outlet at the back, which makes your deck completely smooth and is the nicest look and feel you can get on a clean deck.
  • 12V solar panels from SunWare for the boatSunWare Series TX. Canvas-mounted solar panels, which makes it possible to take the solar from storage and set it up every time you need it and store them away and out of the way, when on the move. Or mount them on top of the Bimini with Tenant fasteners.

If you need 24 volt, you simply connects the panels (same size panels) in series and you will have 24 Volt without loose of power.


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  • SunWare Serie 20

    SunWare solar panels, 20 series

    Price 226 VAT included666 VAT included
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  • SunWare serie 40

    SunWare 40 Series Semi-flexible solar panels

    Price 236 VAT included709 VAT included
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  • TX22039

    SunWare serie TX. Textile-mounted solar panels

    Price 451 VAT included1.504 VAT included
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Showing all 3 results