Solar panels and wind chargers for caravans

When you need power in your caravan and you have no access to the grid, you have the opportunity to get your electricity consumption covered by green homemade energy, picked straight out of the sun and the wind. With solar panels and wind chargers for caravan use.
If you are concern whether there is sufficient battery power for an overnight stay in the open, without a power supply? Or about how the engine will be started tomorrow. The concern may be removed by …

…means of green renewable energy, a look to the sky and thus are nocturnal sleep rescued.

Solar panels and/or wind charger?

Solar has in recent years been widely used in caravans and motorhomes and today availably in wide variety of types. From the semi flexible solar cells that you can walk on to the more traditional fixed-framed solar panels and portable solar panels that can be folded out as needed.
They are all good solutions for camping and more recently a wind charger can also be a good option.

Solar panels and wind chargers for caravans

When to choose between solar and wind to caravans it is important to determine your needs! Your need for power, but also where and when.
If you are mainly located at campsites during the summer, the solar panels and a good battery seems as a good solution.
If you also have a need for power for winter (off season) camping or trips up north, the wind charger becomes more obvious.

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