Green energy on the caravan

Solar panels and a wind charger on the caravan is a good idea for those who want to be independent of grid power and a motor that consumes diesel fuel, wears out and makes noise. Solar cells and wind chargers on the caravan gives you the security of having power to enjoy camping in a long time without grid power. Of course it can not guarantee that you never have to start the engine, but it can guarantee that you CAN start the engine. 

Can solar and wind provide enough power?

Yes, over the year it’s just a matter of sizing the power supply to the caravan and your consumption. We can get close to 100% supply security, but it is rare that 100% security is needed with camping in mind. The problem arises when there is no wind, and it is quite dark and cloudy over a long period. It’s rare that’s the case in many days and at almost all time there will be a small production. Then it’s the size of the batteries (and their types) that matters. For  can the batteries hold power for ½ day or 5 days (at max. 50% discharge of Deep cycle batteries)? It makes a huge difference. ½ day is not enough, as they will go empty everyday and they will die of that rather quickly. Therefore you must have a reasonable battery bank to store enough power for at least 3 days (recommend 5 days and only 30% discharge of batteries), then you can do well with the engine off and almost always get your power from solar and wind.


Security is many things. The electrical safety, see the wizard for sizing of power to the caravan. Security to have enough power, even if you fall asleep with an electric fan heater at full power and wakes up to a flat battery. It’s a mess to get out of with one battery, but with 2 battery banks in the caravan/camper, then your solar and wind setup makes sure that your starter battery is fully charged and you only have slept your consumption battery flat. So you can at any time start engine and move on. If your going nowhere, just turn the fan off and wait for the sun and wind solve the problem. To start the engine only to recharge your batteries is also an option if there is no more coffee …. Oh horror scenario 🙂

Solar panels and wind charger on caravanSolar panels and wind charger complement each other.

When the sun shines the most in summer (July is more than 10 times better than December!) And it’s significantly more windy in the winter time, the comparison gives it self up. Is your caravan/camper always in hibernation in the winter, solar panels proberbly will be the right solution for you, but it does not need to be the case. A wind charger works year round, even at night when the solar cells obviously are ineffective. Actually a wind charge produces better at night time, than during the day, be course the molecule density of cold air is higher than hot air. However if you choose to say that solar panels on the caravan, is right for your summer trips, it’s probably right, while a wind charger on the caravan is more an all year and for the early and late seasons solution.

Installation of solar panels and wind turbine for camping

We have made some guides that tell you more about the installation of solar panels, wind charger or both. The details of the installation, you can find in the installation manuals for solar panels and wind chargers. Here are the main guides:

Below you can see some bundles with solar panels and wind turbine for camping. They can be changed as needed, but often fit quite well to the needs of caravans and campers. 

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