Solar energy in the caravan
Solar panels for caravans is being widely used and the primary reason is the independence and the opportunity to camp anywhere, without having to wonder whether there is enough power for morning coffee.
And the idea is good! To enjoy a cup of hot coffee or a cold drink while looking out over the beautiful scenery, isn’t that appealing?
On the roof of the caravan or motor home there is often room to …

… mount the solar panels. Without anyone can see them or hear them.

There are many different solar panels for caravans and in very flocculating quality. In the guide for the installation of solar panels on the caravan, we review the different types and qualities that are today, read it first.
For use on caravan our unconditional first chose of solar panels is SpectraLeisure in the case of framed glass solar panels and SunWare Series 20 and Series 40 when you need semi-flexible solar panels.
If you want to store your solar panels in the caravan and take them out when needed, then it’s the transportable solar panels from SunWare TX series you need.
How do I get solar panels on the caravan?
You start by reading at our guide: design solar on a caravan. This is to find out the electric side and if you get stuck in it (it’s a bit nerdy), write to us at Kontaktformularen and we will help you further.
There is a guide for mounting the solar panels on the caravan. Here you get further help on the solar panels and the installation.
Selecting solar panels for the caravan.
I will recommend that you start by reading our guides and get an overview of what you want. You must have measured up where the solar panels should fit and how much room there is for them. Below are some bundles that are put together for camping. Remember that they all can be changed according to your choise and the needs that you have.
We are always ready to help on Kontaktformularen

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  • Alpex Solar Bundle

    Alpex Solar package

    Price 27 VAT included
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  • Ameresco solar

    Ameresco solar package

    Price 63 VAT included
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  • TX42052

    Canvas mounted solar package from sunware

    Price 361 VAT included
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  • Spectra Leisure solar package

    Spectra Leisure solar package

    Price 138 VAT included
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  • SpectraLite 50 Watt

    SpectraLite semi-flexible solar package

    Price 50 VAT included
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  • SunWare serie 40

    Semi-flexible solar package with SunWare series 40

    Price 189 VAT included
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  • SunWare Serie 20

    Semi-flexible solar package with SunWare series 20

    Price 181 VAT included
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Showing all 7 results