Installation of wind charger on a caravan

To install a wind charger on a caravan, there are many methods, but here we have described the by far two most common.

  1. Wind charger mounted on the caravan.
  2. Wind charger on a temporary free-standing pole

Wind charger mounted on the caravan.

Of course you can …

… not have the wind charger mounted while driving. It can not handle the wind speed and it would also make too much wind resistance, if it could stay up. Therefore it should be taken down every time you are going on the road. I’ve seen solutions where the wind charger is automatically pulled down behind the motorhome when the engine starts and it really was leaked bling bling, but it’s probably not something for everybody.
However, there is good idea in making a system where you can either take the entire wind charger pole of the caravan/motorhome and thus the wind charger it self, or a solution where you let the pole sit and just take the turbine down. We do not have turnkey solutions for this, so you should DIY or get your camping dealer to fix it for you.
However, we have the wind prepared tubes to use, for both Rutland 504, Rutland 504 e-furl models and Rutland FM910/Rutland 914i/Rutland 1200. See them at the bottom of this page.

Installation of wind charger on caravans

Wind charger on a temporary free-standing pole.

If you want your wind charger on a free standing pole, we have a turnkey solutions for you. There is a pole for Rutland 504, 504 e-furl and a pole to Rutland 914i, FM910 and 1200.
Rutland 504 and 504 e-furl, use rigging with 3 wire supports and Rutland 914, FM910 and 1200 rigging with 4 wire supports.
The “small” pole is 4 meters high (Rutland 504 and 504 e-furl) and the large is 6.4 meters high (Rutland FM910- 914i and 1200). The small pole is relatively easy to handle, while the large are a bigger job. When the large pole is used for permanent (winter) installation, it must be cast into the ground.

Below you can see the possibilities for installation of the wind on your caravan. 

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