Why a wind charger on a caravan?
Wind Charger on a Caravan or a motorhome, is the most for those who can not “settle” with camping only in the summer high season and would like to have spring, autumn and even winter as a possibility.
In the summer solar panels on the caravan often the right choice, but solar panels is losing momentum towards a wind charger, when you get a little out of season. After Midsummer the light quantity per day falls and in August it’s visible on the power harvest and either you need extra solar panels or a solution with a small wind charger.
In the dark half of the year, the solar panels can …

… typically maintain the batteries, but does not provide power if you wish to use the caravan/camper.
A Rutland Wind charger for your caravan will produce power all year and around the clock, unlike solar panels that’s peaking at 12 noon (on the 21 of june) and slowly decrease production. The solar panels are also sensitive to the angle of the sun (and they are almost always layed flat down on the roof of the caravan), while a wind charger finds out where orient themselves up against the wind.
Annually is a wind charger on the caravan significantly better to provide power to battery power than solar panels, in terms of what the investment costs in monetary terms.

I know that you always hope that there is no wind and bright sun, in any 1-2-3 weeks during the summer holidays, but in practice it’s just not the case and a wind charger is better in rain and drizzle weather, when the family sits down and watch Netflix and plays on game consoles, rather than having a trip to the beach and play with beach toys.

The optimal solution is solar panels and a wind charger on the caravan, in combination, but it is naturally more expensive. It will, however, give a somewhat higher security for power regardless of the weather. you can normally choose a small wind windcharger and fewer solar panels and thus keep the price down. Charging controller for the wind charger is ready to accept solar panels too, so it is only the solar cells to be procured extra for a combined installation.
Independent of campsites
Once you have installed solar panels and/or a wind charger, you are be independent of power from the campsite or opt out of power at the site. The “Every Man’s Right” in Sweden and Norway can also be fully utilized. That’s freedom to determine the view, route and neighbours.
How do I get a wind charger on my caravan?
You start by looking in the guide for the sizing of a wind charger on a caravan and find out what your needs are. It’s a little nerdy and we will assist you on Kontaktformularen.
Installation of a wind charger on the caravan, we also give advise about.

We get into more detail about Rutland wind chargers for caravans and you can see Rutland models and prices here: 

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