Power in allotments, cottages, hunting cabins, etc.

When you do not have access to grid electricity or do not want to pay for the grid connection, then you need an Off Grid solution that charges your batteries and makes sure that you always have power to all the things you are used to or need.

There are several solutions and as a very rough rule, it’s the time of year and the amount of power you …

… requires, that decides what is best for you.

The smaller power need that lies in the 6 summer months is covered best with a solar installation alone. Do you have a larger consumption, a wind turbine may be a good addition.
Conversely, in the winter, the wind turbine is the PV far superior even for slightly higher consumption.
If you need a full-year solution or has a high need, then you should look for a combined solar and wind solution.

We recommend that you always reads our guides for PV and wind turbines in allotments and cabins.
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