Combined PV and wind installations.
If You need for power throughout the year or you have a high need for power/delivery security, it is usually a combined PV and wind installation that is the solution.

Here we have designed some packages with PV and wind power to full fill just those needs. Common to them …

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…. is that they all have a significantly higher supply security, than a solution with only PV panels or a wind turbine. At the same time you will also have more power delivered by the combination setup.

Remember that it is crucial that you get the right solution and therefore need to know your Power requirements. We can help you with everything and you can find out a lot by reading our guides for Off Grid PV and wind turbines.

You are always welcome to write to us with questions of any kind Kontaktformularen or call by phone: +45 70 500 999 [/ readmorebox]

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  • Wind and solar in a cottage or an allotment

    Price 1.116 VAT included
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