PV for Allotments, Cottages and small houses
Without connection to the grid, you have to find another solution for powering the appliances you need. With a PV solution you can often get along really well over the six summer months and have both 12 and 230 volt power supply.
The advantages of PV are many …

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… PV makes no noise at all, they are typically on the roof where nobody really sees them and there is almost no maintenance.

We have put together some packages that are constructed for different power needs.
Please note that we always recommend that you read our guides on PV design or contact us before making your choice. Many tend to choose one too small system to save money, but over time it does not pay of to do that.
Remember that the correct size and type of battery is 50% of a functioning PV installation.

Our complete packages are meant to fit the 6 summer months in Denmark, with the defined power needs. PV in the 6 winter months can rarely be recommended. In winter the wind turbine is far preferable.
We only have quality products and are committed to the durability of our products.

If you have questions please write to us at Kontaktformularen or call us on tel: +45 70 500 999 [/ readmorebox]

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  • Solar for cottages

    800-1600 Wh solar PV (MPPT)

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  • 2700 Wh Solar for Cottages

    1000-1300 Wh solar PV (MPPT and CIGS) (Kopier)

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  • 1300 wh solar. Cigs and MPPT

    1000-1300 Wh solar PV (MPPT and CIGS)

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  • Placeholder

    900-1700 Wh solar PV

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  • Placeholder

    600-1000 Wh solar PV

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  • Placeholder

    350-400 Wh solar PV

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Showing all 6 results