Wind Turbines for allotments and cabins.

A wind generator for your allotment or cottage is a good choice when you need a lot of energy or have the highest demand for power in the winter. A wind turbine is in many ways superior to PV, but also has a reputation to contend with.
The wind turbine can produce electricity around the clock and is extra effective at …

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… winter time. A wind turbine produced Watt Time is typically cheaper than a PV produced watt hour (although the PV are being very cheap these years).
The wind turbines have in some places a reputation for being noisy and annoying the neighbors. The wind turbines are not as bad as their reputation or the good quallity wind turbines are not, because you can get cheap, poorly produced wind turbines on the market today that promise a lot, but rarely keep any of it. It’s the wind turbines you have to stay away from, as they only provide you with disappointments.
A good quality wind turbine is so quiet that we can not measure the sound from wind turbines, since background noise will drown the “noise”. That does not mean that you, with a human ear will not be able to select that there is sound from the turbine, but you have to listen for it.

Here we have compiled some turbine packages for a certain power production, so you need to know a little about your demand for power and there is help available in our help for Off Grid wind turbines. You can also write to us at Kontaktformularen or call us on tel: +45 70 500 999 [/ readmorebox]

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