Education in renewable energy
Education in renewable energy, with hands on, is not seen enough. We believe that all youngsters attending schools should try it out and not just on paper, but as real life experiments.
But Energig are part of the industry, so it might well be appropriate to start with ourselves and provide the opportunities for skilled teachers and in others with interests
We can’t facilitate teaching.  It’s worth nothing without the dedicated teachers who are passionate about renewable energy education.
Therefore we have made …

…two special education bundles and made sure that they met the requirements there is, to be able to make good field assignments.

Today renewable energy is an obvious part of the teaching, in the principles of electricity production and as we move more and more of our power production over to green sources, we must focus more on this in teaching.
Energigs educational wind and solar power bundles are designed to strengthen the basic knowledge about the environment, electricity, data monitoring, statistics and theory.

The bundles provide a practical demonstration of how wind and solar power is generated and can be used.
The individual elements of the system such as: wind, solar panel, wind speed meter, data logger, etc. are useful teaching tools.
Stage logging of data is network enabled and can be manipulated in views by the teacher and each single student.
Supports learning across different educational levels in theories about the environment, electricity, data management, statistics, etc.
From elementary school to universities.

Bundled solutions.
The bundles are composed of both a wind generator and a solar panel. The difference between the bundles, is the size of the wind turbine and the solar panel and thus the amount of power they can produce.
The wind generator and the solar panel are connected to the special charge controller developed for education purposes and the charge controller should be mounted in a “public” place at the school where everyone can follow the production of power from both solar, wind and weather data. Please be aware that the charge controller is not resident to vandalism, so some sort of protection in risk areas may be necessary.
There are weather sensors for measuring temperature, wind speed and LUX level. As extra acquisitions you can obtain a sensor for wind direction.

The system displays and logs:

Wind speed (meters / second)
Daylight level (0 to 30,000 Lux)
The temperature (-20 to + 40 ° C)
Wind turbine output (amps)
Wind power (watts)
Solar panel output (amps)
Solar panel power (watts)
Battery voltage (volts)
Consumption current (amps)
Consumption Power (Watts)
Wind speed (1 – 35 m / s)
Wind Direction (Degrees + Cardinal / Ordinal heading). Option. To be bought separately!

Includes a Picolog datalogger to connect to a Windows PC and provides ongoing statistical material for classroom use.

At Energig we think that these are two great packages for education in renewable energy and we hope that the work with the system will distribute knowledge about renewable energy.

The Education in renewable energy bundles are supplied complete with:

Wind turbine (fits in the top of the predrilled mast. Pole/tower kit is an Option. To be bought separately!).
Solar panel.
Solar panel mount bracket for pole install.
Educational power monitor.
Picolog datalogger. Including software.
Weather Sensor arm for mounting on the pole.
Weather sensors (Daylight, temperature and wind speed).
Battery (2 X battery in the large package, EDU Master).

1 X 50 m 2.5 mm2. Dual core (the link between the Power Monitor and solar/wind).
1 X 25 meter data cable (6 conductor).
1 connection cable between the power monitor and data logger.
1 USB cable for connection between data logger and PC.

All you have to order as extras is:

Additional cable if you have more than 25 meters between the wind generator/solar panel and power monitor (beware that you might need thicker cables).
Wind direction fan, if desired.
Pole and tower kit. We offer a pole of 6.4 meters where the solar cells also can be mounted on.

The bundles comes with a manual that you can find now in our overview brochure and manuals.

You can see the 2 bundles below, as well as two bundles, where you can opt in mast, tower kit, cable and wind direction fane. By clicking on them, you can order what you want.

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