PV and wind turbine for your house, On and Off Grid.

When you want your own power production and like to save on taxes and fees, there are some things you need to find out to get the right solution
First thing to be clarified is whether it is an installation to be connected to the grid. In Europe most houses/villas/cottages are connected to the grid (On Grid), but there are many allotments, hunting cabins, shelters and other installations that are not.

If your installation is not connected to the grid, then it is an Off Grid installation and you need to read more about Off Grid PV and Wind Turbines for electricity production

Most homes and cottages are connected to the grid and can thus derive power from the grid when the sun/wind is gone. Excess power can also be sold on the grid.

PV panels on a house.

It is clearly the most widespread solution to have PV panels rather than a wind turbine installations connected to the grid. The explanations may be many, but it is the easiest solution to maintain, it is completely silent and PV dosen’t fill your view in the landscape as a windmill does.

In return, the PV cells can only produce at day time when there is light and therefore it might be smart to attach a battery (hybrid solution) to store power from today’s production for tonights usage. One reason for that, is that you do not get the same price for the electricity you sell on the Grid, as the electricity you buy from the Grid. It may well be 3-4-5 times more expensive to buy electricity than the price you sell your PV electricity at.
There is little doubt that in the future (if we are not already there), there will be a battery on nearly all new photovoltaic installations as it makes good sense.

Here you will find PV packages without battery (On Grid)

And here is PV packages with battery (Hybrid, On Grid)

Wind turbines on the house and connected to the grid

These wind turbines are also known as household wind turbines (not to be confused with big Vestas and Siemens wind turbines!). At Energig, we currently have no household wind turbines on the program since the household turbines we’ve overlooked closely, did not meet our quality standards. But it may very well come soon!

For Off Grid solutions, we have several Wind Generator solutions. Wind turbine packages for Off Grid solutions
When speaking Off Grid solutions, it is very often a combined PV and wind solution is needed.

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