Battery connected PV on your roof.

Solar panels on our roofs has become very popular in recent years. What is new is that you can connect batteries to store power from today’s production, for use in the evening, night and morning. Here are Energig’s solutions to give you battery connected PV on the roof of your house/Villa.

We have made guides where you can calculate what is the right solution size for you.
Here you will find guides for PV with battery that we make freely available to you.
Here on this page you will find solar packages with battery storage, which you can order online immediately.

Our solar packages contains everything you need to mount the PV Panels on the roof, inverter and battery:

PV Panels.
Installation gear for the roof.
Cables and connectors.

Our PV package does not contain what you must have a specialist (electrician) to install for you. It is possible you need extra switches and safety relays (depends on your current installation).
The part of the installation there is power on, you need an authorized electrician to connect. It is important to understand that it is dangerous to work with the powered part of the PV installation. Read our guides carefully before beginning. As soon as there is sunlight on the PV there is voltage on the wires! Pull the cables out and fix them, but let the electrician connect them.
When the installation must be connected to the public electricity grid, it again is only the electricians who may connect the PV installation.

The installation on the roof/rack is mostly dangerous if you fall down. You must also be sure that your roof is not leaking from the PV installation, so a Contractor may be a good investment. You can read more about this in our guides.

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  • SMA Sunny Boy - Sunny Island

    SMA Sunny Island PV Installation with Battery Storage

    Price 4.639 VAT included
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  • Fronius PV with Battery

    Fronius PV Installation with Battery Storage

    Price 6.378 VAT included
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Showing all 2 results