Bespoke off grid solutions for any off grid purpose.

At Energig we can help you with all kinds of off grid power solutions.
In the menu above you will find some of the areas that we have covered specifically (boat, truck, camping, etc.). But much of off grid solutions are the bespoke solutions that’s being made for special purpose, special environment or other requirements that do not fit into a ready made concept. 

Bespoke off grid solutions

We have extensive experience with these off grid bespoke solutions that eg. could be used in the Antarctic to keep a weather station running, a train signal in the Himalayas, offshore in the north sea or a communications line in the Sahara.

Common to all solutions is that they are based on many years of experience, with stable, high-performance and always technologically advanced equipment.
Typically, we enter into a partnership with the company (or individual) who needs something to be tailored to suit the needs and project that you have.
We find it important to, in cooperate with you, get the best and most robust solution for your project.

Do you need a bespoke off grid solution? You should call us at +45 70 500 999 or Kontaktformularen

Basically, we do believe that no job is too small or too large, that the environment should not be an obstacle and the power consumption needs and security can be solved.

Bespoke off grid solutionsExample of bespoke off grid solutions

  • Solutions that have been on expeditions. Rowing to the North Pole and Sarah from London to London without fossil assistance.
  • Solutions that stands along the railways in the mountains and in deserted places. They provide typical driving signal installations where there is grid.
  • Solutions for street lighting in villages without grid or in the countryside.
  • Solutions that operates broadband repeater stations and other communication functions in remote areas.
  • Solutions for CCTV surveillance, connected to the mobile network.
  • Solutions for the operation of weather stations on Antarctic.
  • Solutions for offshore off grid. Buoys and oil platforms.
  • Solutions for infrastructure projects.
  • Solutions for virtually anything off grid.

Bespoke off grid solutionsStandard solutions for off grid bespoke solution is rare, but still many of our masts, brackets, battery boxes, etc. is often a of the solutions, and therefore we usually don’t have to invent everything from scratch.
So our bespoke off grid solutions are often based on standard components.

Phone Simon on +45 70 500 999 or [email protected], to get professional advice and guidance. 

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