Framed glass panels for offgrid use.

For the installation of glass framed solar panels, we have a bracket that fits with our Ameresco solar panels (ONLY Ameresco!).

The solar bracket can be used for both mast and pole/wall mounting. For mast mounting, use U bolts for fastning.

The bracket comes in a version for …

 … a single panel and in a version with room for two panels. Remember to choose Duo or single and correct watt number on the variation list.

If you want to install Alpex solar panels, so you need to find your own solution and if necessary a bracket that fits your setup (not difficult for a DIY). Alpex do not fit in the Ameresco bracket! It is therefore a “raw” panel.

SpectraLeisure comes with brackets which can be glued or screwed to a flat surface and is easy to DIY. Installation is originally made for caravan installations, but can be used in many setups.

Montering af offgrid solcellerSemi-flexible solar panels for offgrid

SpectraLite and SunWare semi flexible solar panels Series 20 and SunWare semi flexible solar cells Series 40 can be either screwed or glued to a flat surface. The surface may bend up to 3% or 3 cm per meter, without affecting the function of the solar panels
Cable outlet are at the back of the solar panels in SunWare series 40, while the cable outlet is at the front of the series 20 and SpectraLite.

When cable outlet is at the back, remember that there must be made room for the junction box in the surface on wich the solar is mounted, but what a beautiful smooth surface it provides 🙂

Montering af offgrid solceller

Portable solar panels

The SunWare portable solar panels are very easy to work with. They are brought out as needed and can be moved around following the sun if you wish. It is SunWare crystalline solar panels that have been mounted on strong canvas and it offers a wide range of use scenaries

Here you will find all the offgrid installation manuals

For all measurements and Watt on the products, see these links: 

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