Offgrid PV operation
An offgrid PV systems can be many things. It can be installed on a hunting cabin in the mountains, a cottage or on cabin where you do not have or do not desire connection to the grid. But it can also be a communications mast that must have power, a metrology measurement station or a signal system far away from civilisation.
Common to them all is that …

… the systems must run with only rare maintenance and a offgrid PV system has both strengths and weaknesses.
Sizing of PV systems offgrid
When you need to find out how much solar power you need to install, start with knowing your consumption. It may be a challenge to figure it out exactly. We’ve created this guide to sizing offgrid plant. If you follow it, you can reach the goal. If you miss sparring, feel free to contact us at Kontaktformularen or phone us.
Security of supply
There are several ways to increase your power supply security. You can put up more solar panels, install more batteries, lowering your consumption or the often best solution, combining solar panels with a wind generator. Whatever you choose, there will always be a chance that the offgrid system runs out of power. If it is done right we can almost eliminate the risk, but not eliminate it entirely.
At the same time, it is essential to know if consumption is highest in winter or summer. Solar cells are good in July, but produce often under 10% in December (Northern Europe), of what July can provide. So if your consumption is a winter solution to keep something frost-free, solar cells are not the right choice and you should look a little more at Wind generators for offgrid remote operations. In summer, the solar panels makes good sense!
Offgrid solar installation bundles
We have gathered some bundles of what offgrid photovoltaic systems could look like. You can choose different equipment for the bundles if you have a need for it. The bundles can also be combined in all sorts of other ways: 
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  • Alpex Solar Bundle

    Alpex Solar package

    Price 27 VAT included
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  • Ameresco solar

    Ameresco solar package

    Price 63 VAT included
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  • TX42052

    Canvas mounted solar package from sunware

    Price 361 VAT included
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  • SpectraLite 50 Watt

    SpectraLite semi-flexible solar package

    Price 50 VAT included
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  • SunWare serie 40

    Semi-flexible solar package with SunWare series 40

    Price 189 VAT included
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Showing all 5 results