Installation of offgrid wind generators

You can find the exact solution that suits you best here! We have some ready-made solutions for mounting on Masts, but you can also choose your own DIY solution and only buy end tube from us.

We have several solutions for the assembly of offgrid wind generator in an installation on land.
Common to them is that there is a mast/pole fixed to …

… the ground (in concrete for permanent and larger installations) and then the tower kit to support sideways to the mast/pole. The large mast to Rutland FM910, 914i and Rutland 1200 requires more steel wire than the smaller solution for Rutland 504 and the bigger options must also be set in concrete, also the stay wires needs to be set in concrete.

For Rutland 504 and Rutland 504 e-furl there is a two-part pole and associated rigging. The solution is relatively easy to set up, both as a permanent solution (you must ensure anchors thoroughly in the ground!) and as a temporary and therefore mobile solution.

For Rutland FM910, 914i and 1200 there is a 6.4 m 3 pieces mast and associated rigging (tower kit). It must be gounded with concrete, in permanent and exposed installations. You could use it for temporary installations, but be very careful to secure the fortresses to the ground.
A cast installation will also be able to handle solar cells mounted on the mast.

For Rutland 1803 you need a bigger solutions and a lattice mast which is casted to the ground. On the other hand it is also a super good installation to offgrid service installations anywhere and there can be hooked solar panels to the lattice mast as well. 

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