Wind generators provides a lot of power!

For a setup where you want to power to an offgrid installation, Wind generators are often the solution or a part of the solution. Wind generators for offgrid installations are great by being stable on the output and functioning for years with a minimum of maintenance. Wind generators are the main power source in many offgrid installation.

When the need for another power supply than the traditional electric grid, you need …

… an off grid installation. Often you have high hopes to consume a lot of power in the installation to be supported, whether it’s a professional installation, an expedition or a household.
You must therefore make great demands to the wind generator that’s chosen and do not choose from power output or price of the generator alone.
There are many things that must be right before you can rely on your wind generator.

  • The wind generator must of course be able to deliver enough power (Ah). We have made this sizing of offgrid installations instructions to help you with this step.
  • It must also be tested and proven for a long period of time and therefore this means that sometimes you shouldn’t select the newest developed product on the market, but have a look on those that have been on the market for some time, with stable test results. If the manufacturer has a good reputation for many years, it’s definitely worth taking into your consideration!
  • Check whether it is still possible to obtain spare parts to the manufacturer’s older models, because it needs to be possible for you to obtain spare parts for your wind generator in 10 years, if your ball bearing breaks or something smashes the wing, something will probably happen.
  • You should be able to get a solution from your supplier, which also includes a mounting solution that your supplier can vouch for.
  • Instructions/service and support must always be professionally carried out .
  • The price … It will not be the cheapest wind generator that meets all of the above, but it does not have to be much more expensive. In the long run, it will be the cheapest.

Based on the above, we at Energig have found that Rutland windgenerators from Marlec Engineering in UK, are the best offer on the market today and historically as well. Marlec has been in business since 1979 and has produced well over 100,000 wind generators. Most of which is still running! 

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  • Rutland FM1803

    Large Wind charger bundle for offgrid installations

    Price 1.702 VAT included
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  • Rutland 504 wind charger

    Small wind charger bundle for offgrid installations

    Price 353 VAT included
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  • Rutland FM910-4

    Medium wind charger bundle for OffGrid

    Price 675 VAT included
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Showing all 3 results