Off grid power with wind and solar

If you need a Stand alone off grid combined Solar and wind system, to cover your offgrid power needs, it’s important that you get everything right from the start:

The reason to have both solar panels and wind turbines in combination is often …

… a need for high security of power supply. Over the year, there are more than 10 times as much sun in July than in December (Northern Europe). On the other hand, there is more wind in the winter, than in the summer.
In one day, there are differences too. A wind turbine is typically slightly more effective at night because the temperature drops and the air mass thus becomes more dens. The wind generator will work all around the clock, while the solar will work when there is light.
But the rhythm night/day is not always important, because we have batteries that can store energy on the short term.

Off grid power with wind and solarAs wind generators and solar panels can be an important combination for an offgrid installation to provide year-round power supply.
We can never give a 100% guarantee that an offgrid installation, only the sun and the wind, never runs out of power, but we can get pretty close today, and then there are other options to handle the last %. We have hydrogen and fuel cells, if it has to be green, otherwise there is “black” solutions available on the market too.

We have made some bundles with offgrid solar panels and wind generators that you can build, but they can be modified according to your needs and desire.
Questions? Write to us at Kontaktformularen or call us. 

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