Photovoltaics for all purposes

At Energig we have PV panels for all purposes. Whether you need them on the roof of your house, your lodge, on your sailboat or on Antarctica. And whether they must be connected to the electricity grid or not, we have the right solution.
But it is important that you get the right PV panels for the right purpose, although PV panels are not just PV panels.
There are many different types and they have different electrical and physical data. It is also important if your system must be connected to the electricity grid or if you need an Off Grid installation that are not connected to the electricity grid, but charges a battery setup.
Therefore we have created a category breakdown to help you find the right solution for your need. Remember that no matter what, you can always write to us at Kontaktformularen or call us at phone: 70 500 999. We are always ready to help you. 🙂

You can choose between several approaches to your choice.

PV Link overview
PV systems after purpose PV after Type and Brand
House/Villa without Battery storage. (On Grid) Super flexible PV Panels. (Off Grid)
House/Villa with battery storage. (On Grid) SpectraFlex
Boat and Offshore. (Off Grid) Semiflexible PV Panels. (Off Grid)
Caravans. (Off Grid) SunWare. Series 20 and 40
Cottages and Allotments. (Off Grid) Activesol Flex
Trucks. (Off Grid) SpectraLite
Off Grid solutions. (Off Grid) Glass framed PV panels for Off Grid PV. (Off Grid)
Off Grid Bespoke solutions (Off Grid) Ameresco PV Panels
Education systems. (Off Grid) Alpex PV panels
Accessories for PV SpectraLeisure
Accessories for Grid tied PV (On Grid) Transportabel PV Panels. (Off Grid)
Accessories for Off Grid PV. (Off Grid) SunWare TX series
Glass Framed PV Panels for Grid tied PV. (On Grid)