Fleksible PV Modules (On Grid)

These flexible PV modules are for use in On Grid systems and they are all very flexible. They are made of the winning technology type of CIGS, that today dominate the On Grid flexible PV panels market.

The CIGS flexible PV modules are very easy to install, just by using the adhesive layer on the back of the panel and that way glue them to the roof/surface.

Compared to crystaline PV, the CIGS has a lot of advatages:

  • More sensitive in low lights and therefore higher yield per day/year
  • Very flexible and can be mounted just about anywhere in harsh environment, from horizontal to vertical and bends with the surface.
  • CIGS is Shadow resistant, meaning that if a shadow covers 10% of the panel, the production will go down in the 10% area. This would with Crystalline technology have plundered the production with something near 80%
  • Micro cracks wont show in a CIGS panel, due to the way they are manufactured. In crystalline panels micro cracks show after transportation and wind/snow pressure and in extreme cases they can start a fire.
  • Very solid build and are compared to crystalline “unbreakable”

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  • MiaSole FLEX-02n

    Miasolé FLEX -02 series

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  • Global Solar PowerFLEX™ BIPV

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