PV Panels (Off Grid)

PV panels for Off Grid use are not the same as for Grid tied (On Grid) panels.
Often you can’t use the same panels for Off and On Gris use. Especially if you need to use the panels on Boats, Trucks and Caravans the On Grid models often have the wrong electrical profil and they can’t handle the enviroment that the more rough Off Grid panels typically can.

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  • Ameresco solar

    Ameresco solar are high quality Solar.

    Price 108399 VAT included
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  • Alpex Solar Bundle

    Alpex Solar for boat, caravan and offgrid cabins

    Price 48307 VAT included
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  • Solibro Solar

    Solibro SL2 PV module

    Price 172234 VAT included
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  • SpectraLeisure


    Price 234334 VAT included
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Showing all 4 results