Solar panels and wind generators for trucks

Solar panels and wind generators on trucks is a good idea. Especially for the trucks that sometimes stands still for a day or a weekend, with the driver residents.
Traditionally, it is necessary to start the engine several times daily, to maintain the power that driver and car consumes for coffee, aircooler, TV, etc.
It is an expensive way to keep the batteries charged. The big truck engine doesn’t like to idle for hours, only to charge batteries.
At Energig we have therefore developed …

… a concept to provide the engine a rest. This is saving fuel, engine wear and battery wear. The driver does not hear the engine and the environment will be spared from a lot of CO2. Best of all is the decrease of times where the Truck can’t start and do the job it’s indented to do.

Solar on a Truck

As there is limited space on the roof of the truck cabin and on a possible toolbox, it is not always possible to install solar cells enough, so that the car can stay charged indefinitely when it has the driver living within. So sometimes it’s recommended to upgrade the size of the battery bank also if there is room for it.
With 200-300 Watt solar panels on the roof, then there is good business in keeping the engine turned off.

We can also install solar panels on top of a trailer and then there is a lot of space! But if you are going that way just email or call us as this is a larger job.

Want to know more about solar panels for trucks? Then we have deepened the subject here.

Wind generator on a truck

A wind generator for trucks is another option that initially might seem a little crazy, but on reflection it’s infact really smart.
The challenge may be to find space for the wind generator and it may limit the solution for trucks with extra space behind the cabin.
The benefits are multiple and the we review them on this page: wind generators for trucks.

Solar panels and wind generator on the truck. Combined

Solar panels and a wind generator in combination, are an option, if there is a need for a high level of security for the power or a large amount of power from the Renewable energy system.
Combined the sun and the wind supports each other very well. The sun during the daytime and wind all day, plus the wind is typically significantly better in winter when the sun is weak.

We review solar and wind for trucks combined here.

Installation of solar panels and wind on trucks

The installation of solar panels on a truck is not always easy, since the spoiler on top of the car can be somewhat uneven/small.
But there is a mounting solution for most trucks and those mounting solutions that are not made yet, we make!

A wind generator can not always be installed, because it takes up more space behind the cabin, than there sometime is present. On heavy duty trucks, this is normally not a problem
We have made a review of the installation of solar panels on a truck and the Installation of a Wind Generator on a Truck

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