Install solar panels on your truck.

Installation of solar panels on trucks is not always straightforward. There are a lot of considerations that must be taken and there must be made a solution to every cabin type found in your fleet. Energig has measurements on a lot of cabins today and those we do not have, we will make for you. Contact us if you need more info

As a haulage contractor/truck owner with your own workshop or workshop agreement, you can buy the parts from us and …

…do the installation your self. We can also find a repair shop for you, as we have contacts in this field.

Practical consideration

For the installation of solar panels on your truck to be successful, all solar panels preferably must go up on the cabin roof top. We can create solutions that installs solar panels on the sides of the cab, but profitability is somewhat poorer than those located on the roof.

It must be solar panels that can withstand going through a truck wash and resist hail, while the car is moving at 90 km/h. This disqualifies framed glass panels that although it’s available in reinforced versions, they are just not strong enough. SpectraLeisure is probably the only thing that MAY hold, but only in a completely horizontal position and the truck wash I dare not guarantee … So do not use them.

Installation of solar panels on truck

The right solar panels that can be used is from SunWare (crystalline) and especially our CIGS panels, which has cable outlet at the back. That way the cable will not be ripped off the solar panel, if the truck wash is hard on the equipment, or the driver has to manoeuvre close under some trees.

With the cable outlet at the rear, there must be room for the 15mm junction box which is at the back of the solar cells. It’s often necessary to mount the solar panels on the roof top, on a plate (to offset curved spoilers), so there is usually no problem in this. The alternative is to cut holes into the cabin roof/spoiler. Not always what you want to do.

Trucks that we have measured.

We have, as of this writing (spring 2016), measured at DAF, MAN, Scania and Volvo cabs. We probably don’t have all models, especially the special types that we must measure from case to case, in cooperation with you.
But if your Truck is not on the list, then we will measure it in cooperation with you.

Write to us and we will find a good solution for your project.

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