Wind generator on a truck…Is it possible?

Yes and no. Installation of a wind generator on a truck is not always possible. There need to be the necessary space behind the cabin, so that there can be installed a teleskop pole and room for storage of the wind generator while driving.
The wind generator may NOT be up during driving, though the first bridge probably will sweep it off the truck and it’s gone. Nor does it make any sense to …

… harvest the power of speed wind as engine still produces plenty of power. The wind generator is not build for 90 km/h plus headwind.

Therefore a wind generator mounted on a truck, must be pulled down while driving. This can be done in several ways and we continue to develop ideas for more solutions.

  • Install a wind generator on a truck

    If there is space enough and that’s often the case on heavy duty transporters and other trucks with space behind the cabin, then it’s “easy” to install a good solution.

  • On ordinary trucks it might be difficult to find the depth that the wind generator requires to be pulled down. If you have the space for it, you can make a pneumatic cylinder that raises the wind generator when the driver presses a button and the same to retract it again. We can help you with finding the right size telescopic cylinder (wind pressure resistant)
  • It must be controlled that the wind generator does not comes into some difficulties with something on the way up and down. During driving it must be in a retracted position, drawn down and locked so the wings can not run freely.
  • Another option …. we continue to work and are all ears if you have good ideas 🙂 .

Can the wind generator handle the enviroment?

Yes, they can. Definitely not all wind generators on the market can, so you have to purchase the hardiest of the hardiest. They come from Rutland in England and all their wind generators are marine approved (necessity due to Salt and engine/road shake) and operates in all environments from the Arctic and the Sahara to the Himalayas and the African savannah. Rutland has made the hardiest wind generators since 1979 and has sold well over 100,000. Most still running.
Rutland wind generators is also one of the quietest on the market.

Of course, such a thing as wings and tail fin are more fragile than the rest of the wind turbine.

On the other hand it is not difficult to get spare parts for Rutland wind turbines, if you are unlucky to crack a wing.

Below you will find specifications on the two most widely used wind turbines mounted on trucks. Rutland 914i and Rutland 1200


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