Wind generator on Trucks

A wind generator on the Truck typically produces more energy over a year than solar panels, measured in relation to the cost per Wh/Ah. This gives a better ROI. In addition, wind power is more evenly distributed over the year than solar energy. Also The wind Generator will typically produce more power in the night, where the air is more dense (due to lower temperature) and at night power is essential, if the Truck is used for overnight sleeping.

Space is the challenge for a wind generator, since it is difficult to mount it, so that it can be up when the truck is parked and …

… down when it’s on the move. More on that in our guide for the installation of a wind generator on a truck.

Delivery Safety

If you want high security of supply is a combination of solar panels and a wind generator on the truck, is the best solution.
When solar panels produce mostly in the summer and wind generators mostly in the winter, there is sense in a combined solution. But even though a wind generator produces power as the wind blows, then it’s more evenly distributed over the day and over the year.
A wind generator can deliver considerable amounts of power and there is no great difference in physical size of a wind generator that can deliver twice as much power as the baby brother. (Rutland 914i compared to Rutland 1200)

How do I choose wind generator?

  • You need a wind generator that is rock solid and has proved its quality in harsh environments for many years.
  • It must be marine approved, otherwise it can not resist road salt and road/engine shaking.
  • It has to be easy to find spareparts if an accident should happen.
  • And it must have a size that fits your truck and driver’s consumption.

We have selected Rutland wind generators for the trucks from precisely these requirements.

We are working to make mounting solutions for all types of trucks, but it’s not easy….. yet 🙂

You can read more in our guide for the sizing of wind generator for a truck, but in any case, I recommend that you write to us at this form or call us (+45 70 500 999) and get personal guidance, as it must be done right from the start . 

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