Energig Energy Concepts

At Energig we develop custom solutions and concepts.

Our Concepts are custom solutions that we have made to fulfil a customer or market demand and when we believe that other customers might have the same or similar demands, we make it a concept and display it here online.
We have made many solutions that could be a concept and might be “promoted” to a concept one day.
So even if you can’t find a concept that is close to what you need, we still might very well have it as a custom solution.
And if we don’t, we probably will develop the custom solution/concept for and with you.

In this Concept section of the website, you will find descriptions of different needs/solutions that we have been covering before. To have your own solution developed, you should contact us with a description of your needs and what your thoughts are.  We need details but not to the lowest level at this point.
Details like:

  • Power consumption. In Watt and Watthours
  • Peak loads. In Watt.
  • Power sources. Wind and solar data for the location.
  • Uptime needed. 100% is MUCH more expensive than 99,7% and 95% is a bargain
  • Geographic location
  • Is waterbased heating a part of the system?
  • Demands for IP rating, temperatur ranges, etc.
  • Quantity/volume needed.
  • What timeline do you expect?

When you have done these thoughts about your custom solution/concept, you can mail them to [email protected] and we will take a look at your needs and return to you.

You can also use our contact form to send us your message

Green Offgrid Power

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