Energig Energy Concepts

At Energig we develop custom solutions and concepts.

Our Concepts are custom solutions that we have made to fulfil a customer or market demand and when we believe that other customers might have the same or similar demands, we make it a concept.
We have made many solutions that could be a concept and might be “promoted” to a concept one day

In this Concept section of the website, you will find descriptions of different needs/solutions that we have been covering before. To have your own solution developed, you should contact us with a description of your needs and what your thoughts are. 

  • MFG 1

The Methanol Fuelcell Generator

Replacement for the Diesel Generator. We must adjust to a green future and therefore we must make alternatives to diesel in our power production. Energig has therefore made a methanol-based plug and play replacement [...]

  • Climate Cottage

Green Offgrid Power

Green energy for cabins, homes, tele masts, research stations and other installations that are completely Offgrid and must be self-propelled with electricity, water and/or heat. The Green Offgrid Power concept can provide the energy [...]

  • Servicebatteri i Erhvervsbiler

Power in Commercial Vehicles

We have made a standard solution for power in Commercial vehicles Service Batteries and how to make them last and deliver for many years. Service batteries are a quite complicated setup when they must [...]

  • Servicebatteri i Erhvervsbiler

E-PTO. Eco-friendly PTO

Traditionally, many functions are operated on a truck or trailer, by the PTO (Power Take-Off). Some functions need to use the rotating shaft, other a hydraulic pressure, electricity in some form or something else. [...]

Do you need reliable power?

– Contact Energig for a tailored solution

Do you need
reliable power?

– Contact Energig for a tailored solution