Rutland 914i on a catemaran

PV and wind turbines on sailboats

When it comes to solar cells and wind turbines, today there are many sailing boats with these onboard.
The desire to anchor independently of land power and without a fossil engine to generate power, exhaust gas and noise, appeals more and more sailors.

We have supplied everything from small solar cell setup to a small fishing dinghy, to a complete combined solar and wind turbine solutions for long-term sailors and live aboard.
Common to all of the solutions is that you need to pay attention to be following the instructions given for the assembly. Both the physical assembly, but also the electrical connections.

Physical installation

Physical installation is very important in relation to especially the sound emitted from a wind turbine. If you do not use the correct mast dimension and get it backed up properly, you risk your entire boat acting as a “guitar box”. But if you follow the instructions, it will not happen. Several of our customers have experienced this and have changed the mast to our recommended mast and used the inclined supports correctly.
PV must be set according to the type and if they are not CIGS solar panels, it is also important to take shadows into account and if you are walking on the solar panels. This has typically not been a major source of error, but is still an important parameter.


Electrical you must remembered if the solar panels are supposed to be in parallel or serial connection. And keep in mind that the battery must always be connected to the charger before the solar cells and/or the wind turbine.
For example, some customers want to have solar cells on top of the accommodation, but also on the two sides. This has caused several customers a headache, but at Energig we have solved the problems for the customer and today there is a good stream of electricity.

You will be able to meet our solutions in ports around Scandinavia and well…. all around the world.

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