The New Zealand company is the go-to solution when you need to be in control of the electrical systems on your vessel.

The products from CZone are designed to make life easier and much more enjoyable when you are out on your boat or any other installation with the need of full control. The intelligent designs and user-friendly interface with touch-display leaves no doubt that CZone means business when they say that they are “redefining digital switching”.

czone products

At Energig we are thrilled to market the products from CZone. The quality of the products is at the very top, which we experience first hand by the lack of complaints or items sent for repair. Given the complexity of the design and the harsh environments that CZone’s products are treated to, it is actually quite impressive to see this kind of reliability in the products.

CZone has only been on the market for a little more than a decade, but has already taken the world by storm with their digital control and monitoring devices. CZone is part of the NAVICO Group, which is a huge attribute. Beside the seal of approval that follow the products from the NAVICO Group, you can also be sure, that CZone is optimized to use in connection with other brands (Mastervolt, Blue Sea Systems, BEP, Simrad, B&G, and many more) within the group.

There are multiple ways of using CZone’s systems. It can be through touchscreen mode, wireless control (through your Ipad or other devices) or direct control through switches. All of the modes leave you with the same feeling as any smarthome owners has. The ease of use when selecting your needed mode is fantastic.

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CZone gives you full control

The incredible many ways that you can take control of your device is one of the key features of CZone. There is no end to what can easily program within the system. In one push of a button, you can prepare your whole vessel for departure, or how about keeping an eye on the maintenance of your boat with a click on the touchpad?

The intelligent system is used in ambulances all over the world, where you quickly can shift between stand-by mode and alarm mode. You can select which features to be powered first, so you can prioritize how you use the energy and prevent vital components from shutting down in the other end.

CZone can be used with NMEA2000

The CZone system uses the NMEA2000 system that is found on almost any boat today, to communicate. it’s simply a NMEA2000 system. This allow the integration with systems, sensors, displays and other gear working on NMEA2000 to be very smooth and without complications. When based on NMEA2000 CZone is an open book of options.

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Do you need reliable power?

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Do you need
reliable power?

– Contact Energig for a tailored solution