MiaSolé Flexible PV modules
MiaSolé is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flexible PV modules. Due to that the modules are CIGS based and the way MiaSolé manufactures the modules, the modules are highly effective and very flexible.
The modules also have all the CIGS advantages over crystalline PV.

MiaSolé is renown for their high quality and rock solid PV modules.
American manufactured with the special way of producing PV modules in big rolls and “just” cut the panel in the length needed, makes the production very efficient and custom friendly.

Energig has tested the flexible products and are very pleased with the production, durability and price tag.
This is a solution that you can depend upon and expect production from for many years to come.

Below you can find the products and we will be happy to help you out with calculating your next PV project.

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  • MiaSole-FLEX-N

    Miasolé FLEX -02 series

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