Green energy for cabins, homes, tele masts, research stations and other installations that are completely Offgrid and must be self-propelled with electricity, water and/or heat.
The Green Offgrid Power concept can provide the energy needed for the specific installation.
The structure is made very scalable and can be scaled according to whether it is electricity or heat that is to be used and optimized for it. The best energy utilization is achieved when the need is for both.


The Green Offgrid Power concept can be expanded with control of the installation, which in a home could be control of lights, pumps, ventilation, toilet or other applications. In a technical installation, it can be control of technical equipment that must be switched on/off at certain intervals, temperature-dependent events or other logically processes.
The control is built around a CZone system which is a digital switching system, which can almost be described as a user-friendly PLC system.

Green Offgrid Power

Everything can be switched on/off as required via switches or screens.
With the built-in “Modes”, a system is built that changes the entire control of the installation to another mode, which then contains that other devices must be switched on/off. Just press a single button/screen and the system switches a series of predefined output and logic to the new “mode”.
A cabin could change from “uninhabited” where everything is set on low consumption and the temperature lowered to 5 degrees, to “inhabited” where toilet, light, water and heat are again raised to the selected levels.
In a technical installation, e.g. be 3 modes: “Off”, “In operation” and “Service” or what the installation needs.


The energy in Green Offgrid Power comes from the sources available at the installation site. It is usually solar, wind and/or water energy, which is then secured with a fuel cell or a diesel generator.
With a fuel cell, the cabin will be 100% emission-free, which is not possible with a diesel generator installed.
The system optimizes the use of renewable energy before switching on the fuel cell/generator. This is to ensure that costs are kept down, not only for fuel, but also for the costs that often come with transporting the fuel to the installation site.
The installation site is very important in this context, as an installation north of the Arctic Circle, for example, cannot be powered by sun and water all year round, as the sun disappears for a long period and the water freezes over. But wind energy can be an option. However, almost no installations can do without the fuel cell/generator unless there is a year-round fixed supply of hydropower.


Green Offgrid Power can be adapted to all types of installations, anywhere.
It can be installed in fixed installations in cold and hot parts of the globe, on cars, trucks and in boats or Offshore.
It can be scaled from a small emergency cabin in the mountains to an entire resort. From the very small consumption of 1-2 kWh/day to many hundreds of kWh/day.


When something is remotely installed, onsite service is often expensive and timedemanding. Therefore, monitoring is often essential to get a sensible operation.
We can therefore monitor, alarm and control Green Offgrid Power via the Energig MAC solution.


We always first take a thorough look at what task Green Offgrid Power must fulfill. Is it a “simple” power supply or is it combined with water, heating and control tasks.
Then we talk about security of supply, optimization options, installation requirements and special needs.
We find data on the scope of supply and come up with a rough estimate of at what level the price is and what the delivery horizon looks like.
Then orders are printed out and production begins.

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