Guides so you can “do it yourself”

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Energig regularly write guides to help you install solar and/or a wind Generator in your House, Boat, Caravan, Cottage or any other renewable energy installation.
Besides our guides you will also find a lot of info in our menu “Solutions” which deals with the topic that you have interest in (House, Boat, Caravan, Trucks, Off Grid, Education), But it is in the guides that we are most technical, clarifying and DIY, guiding you whit what you need and what to do.
And if this techie stuff is not for you, please just write to us or call us up (Phone: +45 70 500 999), and we will help you find the answer.

We have made some guides that are detailed and explains in depth, what it is you are about to embark with and we have made some calculators, where we have made the calculations for you and you only need to enter what we can not know in advance . The calculators is followed by an explanation that we recommend that you read, but you can in principle skip directly to the calculator, if you master the details in advance.

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If you think that we are missing a guide about anything, let us know, then it is very possible that we’re creating it. It may also be that you are missing some numbers in the calculator, then we can then extend it with what your missing. Just write us or call us (Phone: +45 70 500 999) 🙂

Detailed Off Grid guides:

  • Off Grid Design (boat, caravan, cottage, etc). Here we review how you can calculate and plan your instalation your self. This is a technically demanding task and we will help you if you wish.
  • How does a photovoltaic system work ?. We explain how an Off Grid solar (PV) system works and what you need to be aware of when purchasing a solar power plant.
  • How to evaluate a Wind Generator. How to choose the right wind generator? and what should you be aware about before purchasing a wind generator?
  • Battery Guide for Off Grid systems. What batteries should you select for the installation that you have/plan and why? Should it be AGM, GEL, traditional or something else?

Calculators for dimensioning Off Grid:

  • Calculator for solar (PV) installations. If you want a photovoltaic system to charge your batteries and keep your power supplied.
  • Calculator for wind generator installations. When you want a wind generator for your Off Grid installation and need to find out which one fits best.
  • Calculator for solar and wind generator in a combined setup. When you need power all year or need a high security power supply, this is the solution you need.