Guides to DIY

And if you’re not into DIY please call/write us.

Energig continuously prepares guides to help you supply power to your installations.
It is in the guides that we get technical, clear and tangible about what you need and need to do.
The guides are general guides that should help you through the design of your installation or at least get you as far as possible, before contacting us. What you may need more, you can get from us. Just write to us or call us (Tel: 70 500 999), and we will help you find the answer.

We have made some guides that are detailed and explain in depth what you are about to start working with and we have made some calculators where we make the calculations for you and you just have to enter what we cannot know in advance.
The calculators are followed by an explanation that we recommend that you read, but you can in principle jump directly to the calculator if you have knowledge of the details in advance.

The number of guides is constantly being expanded with more info and new guides. If you would like to know when new ones come out, please subscribe to our newsletter, which is published occasionally and when there is new information to tell

If you think that one guide is missing about a power related issue, let us know, then it is very possible that we will write it. It may also be that you lack some numbers/data in the calculator, which we then can then add to the calculator.
Just write or call us (tel: +45 70 500 999)