Calculate the size of a wind generator for your boat, caravan, cottage or Off Grid.

With this wind generator calculator you can calculate the size of wind generator you need to produce power to all your appliances.
REMEMBER !! It’s often a good idea to combine a wind generator with solar panels and a large battery.
To calculate your needs, you have to start by finding out what power you consume on a daily basis.
So fill out the form below (you can print it or download a PDF afterwards) and then you get an overview of your power needs. Remember that eg. a refrigerator may be turned on 24 hours a day, but it typically only runs only 20-25% of the time and your lights are not switched on all the time.

The calculator will show you how many Ampere hours (Ah) you should produce on average a day and how many Ah. your battery needs to be.
Then you look at the graph below the calculator and find the wind generator you need for your solution. You need to know how much wind your wind turbine is likely to be affected by on average over a year (actual wind on the vings!)). You can see to the left of the graph how much the wind generator can be expected to produce a day in average (in Ah/day.) And to the right you can see how much it will produce per year (in kWh/year)
REMEMBER !! A wind turbine generates electricity just like the wind blows! And the size of your battery becomes important! When the weatherman are reporting 8 m/s wind, it is not the same as your wind generator is affected by 8 m/s. There are all the local conditions that exist such as trees, buildings, parked cars, hills, etc. But the higher up above everything your wind generator is mounted, in the open field or on the ocean, the better.
Boaters must also remember that if the boat moves with the wind in aft, then it is the apparent wind that hits the wind generator that electricity is produced from.

You need to know your local wind index over a year. You may need to google a bit to find it. It’s the wind index per month, you need, not the m/s per month. The difference is that when you double the m/s there will be 8 times more energy in the wind. Therefore it’s the wind energy index you need to find.

At the bottom of this page you can see the wind generators and bundled solutions for your needs. Should you not find what you seek, then we probably have it anyway, please just write or call us.



Wind Generator Calculator. What size wind generator do you need?

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