Since 1972 Marinco has set the industry standards within power inlets and cords. The products are made to withstand even the harshest conditions. The quality is at the highest levels which makes travelling much easier knowing that your equipment is in order.


The products from Marinco have been developed for the maritime world, but due to the quality and usability in other areas you can see Marinco being used in many places around the world both on sea and land.

The shore power cables are the pinnacle of Marinco’s portfolio. You can get them with different length (12’-50’) and amp (30A-50A). Their patented design makes sure, that the cordset is easy to use and provides a watertight seal every time you use it. A five-year warranty guarantees a product that meets and exceeds standards.

The EEL (Easily Engaged Lock) Shore Power cordset is designed with added safety. Power indicators light on both ends to highlight if the power is flowing through the cord. You will also see an alert light that indicates if you are plugged into the dock or not. The EEL product line includes adapters, connectors and more.

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Marinco is more than shore power

But Marinco also offers a variety of items to assist and ease your life at sea. From stainless steel horns that provide a relative loudness of almost 450db by using lower frequency as the sound travels across the water to wiper systems that can keep your windshield clear.

You can also find ventilation powered by solar energy that can help you get rid of the humidity and stuffy feeling of a boat cabin. To have you boat properly ventilated is actually also one of the most important things in regards to safety onboard. Marinco offers solutions both with or without solar power.

Wireless remote controlled Spot Lights, Deck Lamps, and Docking Lights are also some of the popular items, that you can buy here at Energig.

Smaller but nonetheless necessary items such as USB chargers, plugs and sticks are also among the products of Marinco. All of them are of the highest quality.

Marinco is part of the NAVICO Group

One of the advantages you get by buying Marinco products is that they are part of the NAVICO Group. NAVICO has gathered some of the best brands in the business and made sure that they enhance each other by connecting flawlessly.

Brands such as Mastervolt, CZone, and Ancor complements Marinco’s high-quality products in a great way, which frees you from the hassle of having to work with different products that are not compatible.

Marinco’ 2023 Catalog

Designed to Withstand the Rigors of Life at Sea

Do you need reliable power?

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Do you need
reliable power?

– Contact Energig for a tailored solution